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Improve processes and exploit the opportunities of digitisation?

Would you like to digitise your business processes? Looking for a business app to increase your productivity?

Your ERP manufacturer does not offer a suitable solution for this – or only online?
We offer you out of the box a ready to use an app that is already used by more than 2500 users.

Extensive functions:

  • Customers and CRM
  • Dashboards
  • Order entry
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Service recording
  • Inventory
  • Delivery
For the last decade, our team of 10 employees has been doing nothing else but constantly optimise and expand the nexti App. We are experts when it comes to mobile business. And you will benefit from it:

  • Installed and connected to your ERP in 1 day
  • All-round carefree package: nexti takes care of the integration
  • 20 different ERPs already connected
  • Extensive functions already in the standard version
  • 100% offline
We would be happy to show you the possibilities of the app online and consider with you what your digital path could look like. Allow about 30 minutes for this.
Your contact person: Stefanie Grünauer.

You don't have an ERP at all?

A connection to an enterprise resource planning system is not possible at all? Then we offer you an easy way to run the nexti App “Solo”.

To do this, transfer customers, articles and prices from Excel tables. The app provides all the order entry functions for you.

Check out our app: “nexti Solo”

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