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Our solutions offer you a quickly deployable tool to make your business processes digital, mobile and efficient. Experience from numerous implementations have made us experts and optimised the software through constant innovation. Benefit from it!

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The apps for your business success


Our field service solution for organising your field service technicians. From order management and route planning to time recording and material management – the app for your customer service.


Our CRM solution to support your sales calls in the field. From customer data management to detailed information in dashboards to managing your leads – the app for your sales success.


Our mobile order entry solution for your sales representative in the field. From map-based visit planning to the application areas of your products to order processing – the app for your sales department.


Our inventory solution for cost-efficient, mobile inventory. From barcode scanning via camera to offline recording in the field warehouse and active improvement of data quality – the app for your inventory.


The office in happiness. Finally, times and materials are reported immediately. Planning becomes much easier.
The technician does not care about this! As long as he has less work – it's fine with him. But practical it certainly is!


That looks fancy – thinks the field service. And by the way – it's a really excellent tool.
Internal service and boss are enthusiastic. Fewer errors, faster delivery, faster capture, more products bought!


The employee is beaming. Finally all customer data on the iPhone. Office and Field service are informed. All activities, reports, orders, invoices, open items at hand. And that's not all…


The inventory is also performed without Wi-Fi in the warehouse. The inventory data is simply exported to Excel.
This way you can reduce the error rate and queries and the counting progress is immediately centrally visible.


After 1 day the data was on the iPad. Orders are imported into the merchandise management system within seconds of being entered. The IT manager leans back and relaxes. There is nothing for him to do here.


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For each item, store a detailed description, any number of images and documents directly on the iPad.

Pictures, manuals, data sheets, movies, field reports – you have your filing cabinet in your pocket, so to speak.

In this video, we introduce you to a really nice and well-rounded on-site item restocking process for the :Sales App.

It is possible to display a multi-page PDF on the iPad and at the same time take orders for the items that are visible in the PDF.