:CRM – new in version 5.5

Discover the many possibilities of the new version 5.5

Mask height adjustable

The slider can be moved vertically in height.
Thus, longer history texts can be displayed more clearly.

Add notes from overview

Notes can be added to a lead directly from the overview.
Alternatively, a new note can be added on the “Activities” page.

Documents visible in history

Documents are automatically displayed in the lead history.
Click on the line to display the corresponding document. Thus, notes and supporting documents are now listed in a common chronological representation.

Filter can be switched off

The filter settings in opportunities and projects can be activated and deactivated with one click.

This is particularly useful if a full-text search is to be performed across all items, where the filters are not to be used.

Send reports with image attachments by e-mail

It is possible to attach pictures or documents to a note/visit report. When the user sends an e-mail from the note/visit report, the images and documents are automatically attached in the e-mail. This feature is offered in both simple and structured visit reports.
When sending the report, the user can choose whether to send the message as a PDF attachment to an e-mail or as plain text in the e-mail.

The app is executable on any Apple device

As of release 5.5, the app is also executable on any Mac, MacBook, iMac.

This applies to devices with Intel as well as with M1 CPU.
The app uses the entire screen of the device and dynamically displays more data accordingly. Full-screen mode is supported.

Reload system tables

This allows the current system data and configurations to be reloaded without deleting the database.

A function is offered with which a changed system configuration can be loaded subsequently without having to delete the database. The function reloads the system configuration and PDF documents.

Loading images and documents

The images and documents can be actively loaded in the foreground. In this case, the iPad disables sleep mode until the data is fully loaded.

It is not possible to work with the app during this time.

Explanatory videos

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